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Welcome Back!

Welcome to week five of the 2021/2022 school year!  We hope your year is off to a great start!  If you haven’t already gotten into a routine for this school year, now is the time!  Routine and structure can reduce stress and anxiety as the year progresses. Child Mind Institute offers four tips that can help support your family while you make the transition from summer to fall. 

  1. Validation: Let your child know that feeling anxious at the beginning of the school is normal. Your child is not alone. Validating your child’s feelings will help your child feel heard and understood. 
  2. Morning Rouine: Providing your student with a simple morning routine that is consistent will set your child up for success. 
  3. Homework: Just like the morning routine, having a routine for homework completion will help your child stay focused.  Setting up spot in your home where your student can work and have all the necessary materials at hand will provide the opportunity for your child to experience success. A snack helps too!
  4. Bedtime: Creating a nightime schedule will help create structure for your child. Setting time limits for TV, videogames, and reading can be a great way for your child to know what to expect when he or she winds down each evening. 

Talking to your child about his or her school day is a great way to connect!  Click on the link Scholastic Parents Questions to discover great questions to ask your child to get him or her talking about the school day!