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Finish Strong

With spring showing its colors, many students and families begin to think about the end of the school year. The green grass and warmer weather leaves us all pining for the long days filled with sunshine ahead. It’s in this season that students can begin to dial back their efforts and struggle with wanting to go to school.  As parents, it’s important to help our children finish the school year strong!

Educators know that not many things can be more detrimental to success at the end of a school year than attendance issues. When students are not at school, it can often take multiple days for them to “catch up” or get back on track in class. This can cause them to feel stressed when they return or not even try because they feel too far behind. Everyone gets sick and has to miss school occasionally, but the fewer days that are missed, the better the student will perform. Here are some great handouts related to  the importance of attendance. 

For Elementary Students (English)

For Middle and High School Students (English)

For Elementary Students (Spanish)

For Middle and High School Students (Spanish)

Together, by showing up with positivity and focus, we will finish the 2021-2022 school year strong!!


For more encouragement on how to finish the year strong see the tips North-Grand High School in Illinois suggest here!